Carrie has taught me so much about food and how it affects my body. She has helped me make little changes in my eating that have made a big difference.
— Jennifer, Walnut Creek
I came to Carrie because she looks beneath the surface of a physical condition to inquire what is causing a symptom. She assists in restoring people to health from the inside out, treating the whole person.

My life and body has changed significantly as a result of heeding Carrie’s insights.  She helped me discover other (better) ways of thinking and living that give life to me and those around me.  Carrie is a woman of compassion, integrity, and wisdom who has earned my deep respect and trust.
— Christina, Santa Cruz
We hired Carrie to come look at our preschool’s snack and lunch menu. The menu had been in place for many years and looking at it Carrie could tell it was not serving our students the best way it could. So with many hours spent shopping and using her knowledge and experience Carrie honestly, carefully and lovingly educated our schools staff and parents on why changing the menu to include whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, and lots of water was the best foot forward. Including these elements at snack and lunch time and helping parents pack better lunches, we saw a change in students behaviors and nap times. Overall the menu change was a success and we’re very glad to have had Carrie for that time.
— Natasha, Los Angeles
Carrie helped me address the root cause
of several health issues I was facing including
having poor immune function and digestion
issues. Her experience as an RN helped
me better understand the medications I was on
and through our work together I was able to
decrease the dose on two medications I was
on and completely stop another medication
(with the approval of my primary doctor)
because my blood pressure improved so much.
Carrie taught me to look at food as the best medicine
and taught me simple cooking techniques and
provided delicious recipes that made healthy eating delicious
— Joan, Newport Beach
I hired Carrie to coach me through
her 30 Day Reset Program and was amazed
by my results. I am a diabetic and was
about to require insulin and my kidney
function was decreasing so I knew I needed
to make a change. She worked with me and my
whole family to help us all eat in new delicious
ways that truly helped my blood sugar come back
into normal range. She was culturally sensitive to
my tastes and tailored the recipes to my preferences.
Through our time working together I lost 12 pounds
without feeling deprived and I was able to get off
one of my diabetic medications. My doctor was so
impressed with my blood glucose results that she asked
for Carrie’s business cards to give to other patients
at her office. I am grateful for the help Carrie
gave me and my family.
— Steve, Valencia