Simple Sesame Broccoli

I love vegetable dishes that are very simple and highlight the great flavors of just a couple of ingredients. This recipe has the clean crisp flavor of crunchy broccoli and the toasty savory flavor of sesame oil. It took me 15 minutes to get this from the fridge to my plate which I know is a big win for getting good food on the table at the end of the day! Vegetables are wonderful and really should be eaten with every meal if you can.  If you have trouble with digestion try lightly cooking your vegetables by either steaming, baking, or sautéing them in a little oil, broth or water so they are cooked but still tender and firm. I didn’t think I liked a lot of veggies growing up but what I really didn’t like was over cooked vegetables. Try this dish and tell me what you think in the comments below!


2-3 lbs organic broccoli or broccolini, trimmed and rinsed

1 tablespoon organic pure olive oil

1 teaspoon organic toasted sesame oil

½ tsp sea salt

½ tsp freshly ground black pepper


Preheat oven to 400. Place the broccoli on a sheet pan and toss with olive oil, sesame oil, salt and pepper. Bake for 10 minutes until tender and crisp on the edges. Taste for seasoning and serve.

Health Tip: Broccoli is a fantastic healthy vegetable that is easily available at most grocery stores. I use the stems as much as the florets because they have more fiber and it reduces food waste. If the broccoli is particularly tough or fibrous just peel of the outer layer. Broccoli is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, chromium, and fiber. Enjoy this delicious nutritious vegetable as much as you can!