About Me

Hi! My name is Carrie Russell.

I am a Health Coach

Registered Nurse

Passionate home cook

Believer in holistic health and wellness

In December of 2011 I found myself overweight, an emotional wreck, and not feeling well or energetic most of my waking hours. 

I struggled with anxiety and depression that made coping with the changes and challenges of life nearly impossible and also kept me from enjoying the joyful times.  I experienced vague physical symptoms like brain fog, headaches, sinus infections, acne, back pain,  and digestion difficulties.  I asked for help from trusted people and I started learning about food and its relationship to mental, emotional, and physical health, and began applying what I learned in my own life, little by little.  Experiencing my own healing made me look at my career as a Registered Nurse differently and made me interested in holistic health that can keep people out of hospitals in the first place. I took a big step and am now a certified Health Coach because it is my call in life to encourage, empower, and educate others so they may live full and vibrant lives.

Since I deeply enjoy seeing people living healthy lives to the fullest, this blog's purpose is to give you tools to stay healthy, heal, and thrive. There will be lots of yummy recipes on here since my husband and I LOVE to cook! The recipes will be organic, nourishing, real food that I would joyfully serve to those I love. I will be sharing simple health tips and practices to help you make approachable changes so you can live well and feel better.  Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Goodfullness-Goodness in food, Mindfulness in living, Togetherness in life.



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